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Interested in flight nurse training?


This job may be just right for you as there are immediate openings in the field but availability fills fast. There are two different types of flight nurse training jobs with the main choices being civilian or military. To start your career off you should first be an experience nurse or have a relevant nursing background with a minimum of two years experience but some programs may require less experience. As a Civilian flight nurse you will want to become certified then get training in Basic and Advanced Cardiac life support along with taking any altitude physiology course, trauma nurse course, pediatric advanced life support, neonatal resuscitation course and Air medical crew national standard curriculum. Please be aware there are many flight nurse training courses you will have to take so it’s best to get an early start because flight nurse training is not as simple as you may think if you have no prior nursing training.

After flight nurse training upon becoming a flight nurse you will perform as a team member of an aero medical evacuation crew on planes or helicopters that transport patients to medical facilities for serious injuries and hospitalization. It is the role of the flight nurse to provide evaluations of patients needs, make sure you have the equipment and medications to provide the best care possible until the destinations reached. As a flight nurse you will at times be looked upon as a doctor in emergency situations where a doctor cannot be immediately present, getting into this field requires patience, professionalism, providing comfort, quick thinking skills and a strong stomach. Some of the situations flight nurse training prepares for are Tornado or Hurricane aftermath, car accidents, train wrecks, or bombings Many who have experienced the benefits of flight nurse training have taken on other qualifying roles in the medical field such as ambulatory services or went on to pursue degrees to become doctors.

If you are thinking of joining the military sometime in the future flight nurse training allows for being able to move up to the ranks of officer or higher immediately. You may take some flight nurse training classes then complete the further flight nurse training in the military free of charge.