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The Flight Nurse Requirements For Becoming A Flight Nurse On A Civilian Or Military Airplane Or Helicopter


A flight nurse has a harder job than a nurse in a hospital because most of the time the patient is in critical condition. This can be emotionally draining and not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. If you think being a flight nurse is what you want to do you need to know about the flight nurse requirements. Before making the decision to become a flight nurse, make sure it’s something you can do.

You have to have a thick skin and be able to work well under lots of pressure. Flight nurses often tend to patients who are being airlifted in helicopters from one hospital to another. Most of the time in these cases the patient is in critical condition. Flight nurses have to be prepared for anything in these situations. Most flight nurses have to have had at least 2 to 3 years training in critical care, but these flight nurse requirements may vary by state.

Other flight nurse requirements include life support certification and possibly paramedic or EMT certification. If you meet these flight nurse requirements the next step is finding a job. Once you’ve met the flight nurse requirements, you can check job listings on various flight websites. If you don’t meet the flight nurse requirements and would like to start working on schooling and getting your certifications, you can check into some flight nurse schools. If there is no flight nurse school near you to meet the flight nurse requirements most regular nursing schools can provide you with the certification you need to meet the flight nurse requirements.

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