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A Flight Nurse Job Description–both Stressful And Rewarding



The job description of flight nurse could include many words–highly trained, motivated, responsible, stressed. The flight nurse is responsible for the care of patients being transported by air. A flight nurse may be in the military or be a civilian. A military flight nurse is responsible for the care of military personnel wounded in combat who are being evacuated for care. He or she may accompany patients under other circumstances as well. A civilian flight nurse job description includes in-flight care of patients who are being brought by helicopter or other emergency air transport to a critical care center. These patients usually have a life-threatening condition such as severe injuries, heart attack, or stroke. The responsibilities of both the military and civilian flight nurse are similar.

The flight nurse job description includes monitoring the patient’s condition during the flight and providing care as needed. The flight nurse needs well-developed assessment skills to determine the patient’s needs during the flight. He or she also requires the ability to react quickly and take steps to keep the patient stable. The flight nurse has to keep in contact with medical personnel at the destination to advise them of the patient’s condition, and work with them to stabilize the patient. The flight nurse has to be a team player and work with the rest of the flight crew to assure the safety of everyone on board. Sometimes the flight is a non-emergency. Then the flight nurse job description includes planning for the patient’s care during the flight.

The flight nurse has to make sure to bring any supplies and equipment that will be needed for the patient’s well-being and comfort, and make any other necessary arrangements. A flight nurse is required to be an R. N. With three to five years of critical care experience and advanced life support training. The flight nurse job description also includes excellent physical condition. A flight nurse job description could also include the words highly regarded and appreciated.